• Our products are made with only fresh, recognizable, pronounceable, and organic ingredients, without synthetic chemicals of any kind.   You can rest assured that everything we put in our products is authentic, giving you peace of mind when you serve them to your loved ones.
  • Our products contain no additives, no preservatives, any FDA-approved chemicals, no MSG, or other flavor enhancers.
  • Our products contain way less sodium. Take a look at our nutrition facts label.
  • Our products are delivered to you in glass containers, which guarantees that they will arrive fresh, flavorful, and unadulterated by any of the chemicals that plastic, metal, and paper containers leave in their contents over time. Kafanaj products keep their strength, aroma, and flavor for as long as you need them. Also, glass containers are more reusable than those other kinds, which tend to go out with the trash, add to the landfill, and litter our streets