Benefits of Low-Sodium -Organic Cooking

Sodium is an essential nutrient needed in our body for its well-balanced. Most grown food naturally contains sodium. As many people prefer to buy and cook organic products which do not contain any artificial ingredients or hormones, some others would favor more processed food, which is quicker, faster, and more convenient. However, this second option often leaves a high sodium intake in their diet.

Known ingredients

One advantage of cooking at home is, you know and can choose the ingredients that you like. When you eat outside from your home, like a restaurant, you do not necessarily know the preparation of a dish. It can be a guessing game when you are trying to figure out what ingredients was used to marinate, prepare the sauce or the dish itself.

Better measurements

When you opt for low sodium and organic cooking. You are responsible to add the desired amount of salt to your dish according to taste or health issues.

Less water retention

Sodium controls fluid balance in the body. Too much sodium causes fluid retention; swelling or edema that occurs in various parts of the body like hands, legs, ankles, and feet.

Need of flavor rather than salt

Spices are great because of their intense flavor to a dish. Considering adding a variety of organic spices are a great way to reduce salt intake. Kafanaj’s bouillon are a must have in your kitchen.

Improvement of overall health

A combination of healthy organic food that contain higher level of antioxidants along with low sodium can have several incredible benefits on supporting the immune system.

Better taste and no added GMO’s

Many organic products taste better than non-organic foods since they tend to be fresher. They do not contain preservatives that give them a longer shelf life. Synthetic hormones have been linked to increased cancer risks.