I am a black woman, who was born in Haiti. As a little girl full of vivid imagination that seemed excessively big for me, I was constantly running into two favorite spots: (1) my room, where I could be alone with those thoughts I could express only in my journal, and (2) the kitchen, where I could always cook up something extraordinary.

Whether taking pen in hand in my journal or taking up toque and tongs in the kitchen, I often thought I could do things in my own way. I see myself doing, seeing and saying things differently from others in an optimistic way because creativity is one of the words that describe me best – major reason for this was that I grew up in an energetic well-known business-oriented family, who always believed that I could accomplish great things with my best abilities, and allowed me to be myself to the fullest when it came to imagination and creativity. My hard-working parents wanted nothing but excellence from and for me. Thus, from a very young age, with the incredible support of my parents, I broke new ground for certain hobbies that were embraced by friends, relatives, neighbors, and even local authorities.
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My creativity had carried me through all those years to come up with the idea of organic bouillon, because all traditional bouillon I used in my cooking gave me mild to severe side effects, e.g., swollen feet and hands, headaches, stiffness, heartburn. Because bouillon and tomato paste have always been so essential to our cooking, I had to devise a healthier version of them. And I made this a business to offer an organic alternative to others who experience similar side effects or to those who simply are mindful of what they are eating.

Now, I am proud to present to you my products, made with honesty and goodness. Bon appétit!